VPN User Accelerator

The VPN User Accelerator leverages the AWS Global Accelerator to connect VPN users to the nearest AWS Edge location access point and traverse the AWS backbone to the VPN Gateway. You can enable this option to reduce VPN user access latency.

  • When this feature is enabled, the VPN user source address is masked out by AWS.

  • User Accelerator is only available for AWS VPN Gateways that use ELB (Elastic Load Balancers).

To configure:

  1. First launch a VPN Gateway by following the instructions.

  2. Go to Aviatrix CoPilot > Cloud Fabric > UserVPN > select the Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to User Accelerator. Click on the VPN Gateway(s) field and select the name of AWS VPN gateways that will use the accelerator.

  • The new User Accelerator will reflect on the ovpn file’s remote field.

  • For pre-existing users, the ovpn file has to be re-downloaded in order for AWS Global Accelerator to be reflected as the new remote endpoint.