Aviatrix Edge Gateway Upgrade

Edge Gateway Post-Upgrade Task

Upgrading Edge Gateways on the Equinix Platform

In previous releases of Aviatrix Controller, the Platform type associated with an Edge Gateway on the Equinix Network Edge Platform was type Self-Managed. In the latest Controller release, the Platform type associated with an Edge Gateway on the Equinix Network Edge Platform is Equinix. The latest Controller release supports additional features for Edge Gateways associated with Equinix platform, such as underlay BGP.

To be able to use the new features, after you have upgraded your Edge Gateway to the latest Controller version, you must perform this post-upgrade task to update the Edge Gateway’s platform type from Self-Managed to Equinix.

In Aviatrix CoPilot:

  1. Go to Cloud Fabric > Edge > Platforms tab.

  2. In the table, locate the Edge Gateway that was migrated and verify the gateway’s Platform is Self-Managed.

    edge equinix gateway migration1
  3. Click the gateway’s Edit icon on the right side.

  4. In the Edit Edge Gateway dialog box, verify Platform is edge_admin account.

    edge equinix gateway migration2
  5. Go to Cloud Fabric > Edge > Platforms tab and click on +Platform.

  6. In Name, enter a name to identify the account for the Equinix Platform.

  7. In Type, select Equinix.

  8. From the Existing Self Managed Equinix Gateways dropdown menu, select the Edge Gateway that was migrated and click Save.

    edge equinix gateway migration3

    This adds a new Equinix Platform account to the existing Edge Platform accounts and updates the Platform account for the Edge Gateway that was migrated to the new Equinix Platform account.

Upgrading Active-Standby Edge Gateways

There are changes with the auto-upgrade of Edge Gateways from Aviatrix Controller 7.0 and 7.1 release to the latest version of Controller 7.1.

Due to an architecture change, if you have two Edge Gateways that are deployed in Active-Standby mode in the same edge site and perform an upgrade, the Edge Gateways are upgraded to Active-Active mode. If the Active-Standby gateways were originally non-preemptive mode then after upgrade they will become preemptive. The primary Edge Gateway becomes the active gateway. and to avoid traffic disruption, the Controller prepends the AS-PATH of the second Edge Gateway, which causes the gateways to function in preemptive failover mode.

This behavior is different from an Active-Standby Edge deployment. You can continue to run the Edge Gateways in Active-Active mode, however, you may not be able to scale the gateways.

For an Active-Standby Edge deployment, after you have upgraded the Edge Gateways, Aviatrix highly recommends that you enable Active-Standby high availability mode for the primary Edge Gateway to create the highly available (HA) gateway, then delete the second Edge Gateway that was created during the upgrade.

Edge Gateway Base OS Upgrade

The Aviatrix Secure Edge base OS is not upgradeable. To update the base OS to a newer version, you need to deploy the latest version of the Aviatrix Secure Edge image to a new VM.

Edge Gateway Selective Upgrade

Aviatrix Secure Edge does not support selective gateway image update and software rollback.