Aviatrix Gateway Diagnostics

You can run diagnostics for any Aviatrix gateway instance running in your multicloud network.

You can access Gateway Diagnostics from these areas of the CoPilot UI:

  • Diagnostic Tools page

    Select the Gateway Diagnostics tab at:

    Diagnostics > Diagnostic Tools > Controller Diagnostics.

  • Topology page

    In the Topology map, select a Virtual Machine gateway node, locate the Tools menu in the Properties pane, and select Gateway Diagnostics from the list:

    Cloud Fabric > Topology > Overview

  • Cloud Routes page

    Select the Gateway Routes tab, locate the table row of the gateway, and click the Gateway Diagnostics icon.

    Diagnostics > Cloud Routes > Gateway Routes

  • Gateways page

    For the Cloud Fabric > Gateways page from any gateway view (Transit, Spoke, or Specialty), locate the table row of the gateway, and click the Gateway Diagnostics icon.

Running the Gateway Diagnostic

  1. On the Gateway Diagnostics page, select a Gateway Instance.

  2. Select a tool from the Gateway Diagnostics list.

  3. (Optional) Toggle Include Controller to On if you want to run the Controller diagnostics in addition to the Gateway diagnostics.

  4. Click Run.

The following options are available for Gateway Diagnostics:

Gateway Diagnostics Description


Runs pings directly from the gateway to outside the Aviatrix-managed network or to any resource inside the network.

Packet Capture

Capture packets on any gateway. Filter on host and port number and specify the capture time. Search and filter by time, source address, destination address, source port, destination port, protocol, flags, length, and info. Select the interface on the physical or virtual interface you want to capture on. Click Start to start the capture, click Stop to stop the capture, then click Download to download the pcap file. The pcap file can be viewed by Wireshark.


Run trace route.


Discover the MTU on the path if the router supports it.


Test the connectivity of the gateway to a specified host running on a specified TCP or UDP port.

Active Sessions

View sessions that are active on the selected gateway. You can filter active sessions by search criteria. For example, a search on a specific port to see if the gateway has an action session on that port.

Interface Stats

View interface statistics about the gateway. The number of interfaces or tunnels associated with the gateway is displayed. Click on the name of an interface or tunnel to see its statistical information.


Check the status of gateway services and restart services.


Run a comprehensive diagnostics report that you can download and analyze or send to Aviatrix support. You can select to include the Controller when you run the diagnostics.


Upload a gateway’s tracelog directly to Aviatrix Support. The controller and gateway tracelog is uploaded and the support team notified.