Configuring Alerts for Gateway-Level and Interface-Level Monitoring

This section details the configurations for gateway-level and interface-level alerts. It also explains the settings of the combined (AND/OR) conditions when configuring the interface-level monitoring alerts.

Gateway-Level Alerts and Interface-Level Alerts

The Monitor network metrics on selected interfaces (Individually) option allows you to set your interface level of alert for your gateways. By default, this option is set to off.

Check the following to decide whether you need to turn on the interface-level alert option.

Gateway-Level Alerts

The Gateway-level alerts:

  • Monitor the overall health of the selected gateway.

  • Are triggered by the aggregated value of all metric values for the matching entities.

  • Identify systemic issues affecting the entire gateway.

For any of the network metrics, the gateway-level alert is triggered by summing up metrics from interfaces eth0 to eth9. For the connection status metric, if any of the interface is down, the gateway-level is marked down.

Interface-Level Alerts

The interface-level alerts:

  • Focus on individual interfaces within the gateway.

  • Triggered when the specific value of a matching entity’s interface meets the criteria.

Supported Metrics for the Interface-Level Alert Option

Only Gateways Entity support interface-level alerts. The following metrics are supported for the interface-level alert monitoring of the Gateway:

Combine Alert Conditions (AND/OR)

In alert configuration, you have the option to combine multiple conditions. However, it is important to note that some metrics support interface-level conditions while others do not.

The following table lists the support for gateway-level and interface-level alerts for different types of metrics.

Entity Gateway-Level Alert Support Interface-Level Alert Support


  • All available metrics



  • All available metrics



  • All Health Metrics

  • All System Metrics

  • All Network Metrics

  • Connection Status (under Health Metrics)

  • All Network Metrics

Alert Conditions (AND/OR)

When you combine these metrics using AND or OR for your metric setting, the interface-level option will be available only when all the selected metrics support interface-level alerts.

For example, if you try to combine BGP Peering Status and Connection Status for your alert configuration, the "Monitoring network metrics on selected interfaces (individually)" option will be disabled because BGP Peering Status does not support the interface-level option.