Underlay Connection Status Alert

The Underlay Connection Status alert indicates a potential underlay communication issue. Potential causes of this alert include the following:

  • A CSP link outage.

  • A misconfigured security group or ACL.

  • A firewall blocking traffic.

  • A router dropping packets.

This alert applies to connections between hosts running Aviatrix gateways.

Monitored hosts will alert on syslog traffic where it is the source or the destination.

When you set this alert for a host(s), CoPilot monitors the syslog from any connection that includes the host as the source or destination. When syslog data indicates a potential problem from each direction of the connection between that host and another host within 30 seconds of the other, the alert is triggered. On the same connection, if the syslog data later indicates the problem is resolved from either direction, the alert is automatically resolved.