Aviatrix Connectivity Diagnostics (for External/S2C Connections)

If your Aviatrix gateway instances have external (S2C) connections, you can access Connectivity Diagnostics.

See CoPilot > Diagnostics > Diagnostic Tools > Connectivity Diagnostics.

  1. On the Connectivity Diagnostics page, select a Gateway Instance.

  2. Select a Connection.

  3. Select a tool from the Gateway Diagnostics list.

  4. Click Run. After the diagnostic is run you can copy the information to the clipboard.

Connectivity Diagnostics Description


View the logs for the selected Gateway Instance and Connection.

You can also enable verbose logging.

Security Association Details

Displays any security associations for the tunnel.

IPsec Service

Indicates if the IPsec service is Up.

You also have the option of restarting the IPsec service.


Displays the IPsec configuration.

Security Policy Details

Displays the Security Policies for the selected Gateway Instance and Connection.


Provides a tunnel analysis (for example, reachability of the Peer gateway).

Reset Connection

Click Reset to reset the connection.