Building Your Network

This section provides information to build cloud to on-prem connectivity in a single region or across multiple regions using the Aviatrix Multicloud Transit Network platform.

  • About Aviatrix Multicloud Transit Network

    Provides an overview of the Aviatrix Multicloud Transit Network features.

  • Building the Transit Network

    Build a hub-and-spoke network model by deploying Aviatrix Transit Gateway and a set of Aviatrix Spoke Gateways for communication between Spoke VPC or VNet instances across multiple clouds in a single region.

    Create peering connections between Aviatrix Transit Gateways for communication between groups of Spoke VPCs or VNets across multiple clouds and regions.

  • Connecting the Transit Network to On-Premises

    Expand your Transit Network to connect to datacenters, by connecting Aviatrix Transit Gateways to external devices such as on-premise routers and firewalls.

  • Extending the Transit Network to the Network Edge

    Extend your network and cloud applications to datacenters, branch locations, and IoT nodes, by deploying Aviatrix Edge Gateways, with advanced networking and embedded security features for edge locations.

  • Connecting Remote Site to Cloud

    Connect your customer sites or branch offices to the cloud over the Internet, by using Aviatrix Site2Cloud External connectivity.

  • Building a Transit Network with AWS Transit Gateway

    To build a Transit Network that includes AWS Transit Gateway (TGW) attached Spoke VPCs, you can deploy the TGW Transit Gateway Orchestrator.

  • Connecting Networks with Overlapping CIDRs

    Connect networks with overlapping CIDRs by using the Aviatrix Network Mapped and Customized SNAT and DNAT solutions.