About External Connection BGP Settings

You can configure these settings from the Networking > Connectivity > External Connections (S2C) tab. These settings are applied to external connections (Site2Cloud) that use BGP.

Overlapping BGP Address

When Aviatrix CoPilot detects that on-prem propagated routes overlap or are a superset of Spoke VPC/VNet CIDR ranges, it sends an email to the administrator regarding a potential misconfiguration. This is sent once when a route change event occurs (for example, when BGP routes are flapping).

BGP Route Limitation

AWS VGW BGP supports up to 100 routes. When this limit is reached, VGW BGP goes down and causes an outage. This email notifies the administrator when routes approach 90.

BGP Maximum AS Limits

The BGP Maximum AS Limit sets the maximum number of BGP hops the Controller allows the route to propagate. This limit determines the scope of a BGP network by setting the maximum BGP AS path length.

This setting is disabled by default, meaning that the network size is unlimited.

If you wish to limit the size of your network (for example, if you have a complex topology between your on-prem and cloud networks), you can enable this option by entering 1-254 in the field provided. Then, use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number.