Reissue VPN User Client Certificate

You can reissue a VPN user client certificate to a user when:

  • The current certificate expires.

  • A user misplaces a certificate and needs a new one.

  • You have detached and revoked the old client certificate because you want to attach the user to a different VPN Gateway, and you now need to issue a new certificate.

To reissue a client certificate:

  1. In CoPilot, go to Cloud Fabric > UserVPN > Users.

  2. If needed, detach and revoke the old client certificate.

  3. Select the checkbox next to one or more VPN users.

  4. Click the Actions menu and select Reissue Client Certificate.

  5. You see a message that the existing VPN client certificate will be invalidated and needs to be replaced with a new certificate. Click Re-issue certificate.