Controller Passwords

Aviatrix uses a password meter to enforce password requirements. The default password requirements are:

  • Minimum characters - 4.

  • Maximum characters - 16,777,216 or 16MB.

  • At least 1 upper and 1 lower case character.

  • At least 1 numeral character.

  • At least one special character.

Password Management Policies

By default, password management is disabled for controller’s account users which means there is no restriction for password length and expiration validity check.

If company’s requires strict regulation for passwords then password restriction can be managed and enabled in Controller’s console.

Navigate to Settings > Advanced > Password Management to enable password management. Password Management allows to put the following restriction for account’s user:

  • Minimum Password Length

  • Maximum Password Age(Days) and

  • Enforce Password History which force users to use new strong password.

If you are using the Password Management option, the policy default values are:

  • Minimum characters – 8.

  • Age limit - 180 days.

  • Not repeatable times – 5.

If you are using the Password Management option, the policy ranges are:

  • Minimum characters – 8.

  • Maximum characters – 32.

  • Age limit is 1 - 365 days.

  • Not repeatable times is 1 – 12.


In order to exercise 90 days security compliance requirement for key rotation policy, API key pair and other internal passwords for company IAM account needs to be refreshed frequently.