Editing Alert Configurations

You can edit alert settings you previously configured.

When editing alert configurations, you can change the notification channels to receive the alert. Before you begin, ensure the email or Webhook addresses you want to use are already set up. See Setting Up Webhook Channels for Sending Alert Notifications and Setting Up Email Channels for Sending Alert Notifications.

To edit a previously configured notification:

  1. In CoPilot, go to CoPilot > Monitor > Notifications and click the Alerts Configuration tab.

  2. From the Configured Alerts list, locate the alert whose configuration you want to change and click on the pen icon.

  3. In the Edit Alert dialog for that specific alert, you can change any of the following configuration settings as needed:

  4. (Cancel edit) To cancel the edit, click, Cancel.

  5. To save your edits, click Save.

    Your new configuration is displayed in the Editing Alerts pane. When conditions are met for the alert, your new configuration now applies.