Configuring Alerts

Configure alerts in CoPilot so you can be notified about events that occur in your network.

When configuring alerts, you can choose a notification channel of email or Webhook destinations. Before you begin, specify the email or Webhook addresses as described in Setting Up Webhook Channels for Sending Alert Notifications and Setting Up Email Channels for Sending Alert Notifications.

To configure alerts:

  1. In CoPilot, go to the CoPilot > Monitor > Notifications > Alerts Configuration page.

  2. Click + Alert Configuration.

  3. In Name, type the name you want to use for the alert.

  4. For Monitor, select the resource to which the alert applies (Controller, CoPilot, or Gateway(s).

  5. For Condition, set the condition to Matches any condition or Match all conditions depending on your preference.

  6. For Condition, click + Add Condition to specify select the metric condition(s)) that must be met to trigger the alert.

  7. (Optional) To configure an interface-level alert for your Gateway(s), toggle on the Monitor network metrics on selected interfaces (Individually) option. This allows you to select specific interfaces for monitoring or choose "All Interfaces" to apply alerts to all interfaces. This option is disabled by default. See Configuring Alerts for Gateway-Level and Interface-Level Monitoring for more details about this option.

  8. In Recipients, select the email address or Webhook destination(s) where you want the alert to be sent.

  9. If applicable, specify the evaluation period for the alert.

  10. If applicable, specify the minimum count for matching entities for the alert.

  11. Click Save.

    The alert is enabled. When the condition is met for the metric you specified, CoPilot will now send a notification to the email or Webhook system you specified.