Configuring the Polling Interval

Lowering the polling interval can create more load on the Controller. The default setting should be sufficient.

The Aviatrix Controller periodically polls your clouds to gather and inventory its resources. For example, if you modified your Cloud Tags, you may want to poll data more frequently so that CoPilot reflects those changes.

  1. In CoPilot go to Security > Distributed Cloud Firewall > Settings. The CSP Resource Polling slider is On by default.

  2. Enter the desired polling interval in minutes (default is 15). This can be a value between 1-1440.

Toggle off the CSP Resource Polling slider if you do not want the Controller to periodically poll your CSP resources.

You can manually trigger a poll to fetch resources directly from your CSPs by clicking Refetch CSP Resources on the SmartGroups tab. The poll may take several minutes to complete depending on the size of your environment.