Creating a SmartGroup

To create a SmartGroup:

  1. Go to CoPilot Home > SmartGroups.

  2. Click + SmartGroup.

  3. Provide the following information about your SmartGroup:

    Parameter Description


    Name of the new SmartGroup.


    The resource(s) that comprise the SmartGroup as specified by resource type and matching resource properties, Edge Site, or by IP address/CIDR.

    You can add the following resource types: Virtual Machine, Subnet, VPC/VNet, Site, or IPs/CIDRs. Typically you will only have resources of the same type in a SmartGroup (for example, you can have more than one VM based filter).

    Resource Type

    To add a resource, click Resource Type and select the type.

    In each row you add, select Virtual Machines, Subnets, VPC/VNets, or IPs/CIDRs from the drop-down list.

    Resource Types: VM, Subnet, and VPC/VNet are supported only in public AWS, Azure, and GCP.

    Enter the matching criteria for resources that will be part of this SmartGroup. You can match conditions based on:

    • The properties Name, Region, or Account Name, if you want to match against all resources within an account or region. The values for the selected condition(s) are populated automatically.

    • The Cloud Tags that you have defined for your Cloud resources. Some examples of tags are: Backup, Controller, Aviatrix-Created-Resource, and Type. The Cloud Tags change depending on the selected Resource Type.

    Preview Resources

    After entering your Resource Type, you can use the Preview Resources toggle switch to see the selected resources that map to the SmartGroup.

  4. Click Save. The new Smart Group is now in the SmartGroups list.

From here you can:

  • Click the SmartGroup name to view it in read-only format

  • Edit the SmartGroup

  • See how many policies reference each SmartGroup

Creation of SAP SmartGroups

You can also create SmartGroups based on discovered SAP instances:

  1. Go to SmartGroups and click Discovered SAP Service Instances in the top right.

  2. Mark the checkbox next to every SAP instance to include in the SmartGroup.

  3. Click the Actions dropdown menu in the top left and select Create SmartGroup.

  4. Enter a name for the group. The IP Addresses/CIDRs are automatically populated based on the SAP instances you selected.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Close.

The new SmartGroup appears in the table.