Defining SmartGroups

A SmartGroup is a construct created in CoPilot that is a logical grouping of your resources that are managed by Aviatrix. The grouping of resources may represent various departments or business units or other aspects of your organization based on how you group your resources.

The resource(s) you include in a SmartGroup can span different subscriptions, cloud accounts, regions, and VPC/VNets within your Aviatrix multicloud network.

A SmartGroup is a reusable construct. It can be queried against to support various Aviatrix features.

The following restrictions apply for SmartGroups:

  • Specifying a SmartGroup’s resource(s) based on resource type (by clicking + Resource Type in creation workflow) is only supported on public AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds.

Spoke Gateways are supported as a SmartGroup resource. If you create a SmartGroup for a Spoke Gateway that will be used in a Distributed Cloud Firewall rule, ensure that the Spoke Gateway first has Egress enabled.

Transit Gateways are not currently supported as a SmartGroup resource.

When defining your SmartGroups, see the following topics: