Configuring Transitive Routing with Edge Gateway

The Transitive Routing feature allows an Edge Gateway to forward routes between multiple Transit Gateways that are connected to it. You have the option to enable or disable Transitive Routing for an Edge Gateway; it is disabled by default.


Configuring Transitive Routing

To configure Transitive Routing, follow these steps.

  1. Attach the Edge Gateway to the first Transit Gateway. Follow the steps in Attach Edge Gateway to Transit Gateway.

  2. Repeat and attach the Edge Gateway to the second Transit Gateway.

  3. In CoPilot, navigate to Cloud Fabric > Edge > Gateways tab.

  4. Select the Edge Gateway.

  5. In the Edge Gateway’s Settings tab, expand the Routing section.

  6. Click the Transitive Routing switch to On.

  7. Verify the routes on each Aviatrix Transit Gateway.