About Gateway Scaling

The gateway scaling feature helps ensure that appropriate sizing is applied to VPCs/VNets on AWS and Azure Spoke gateways. This can reduce CSP costs, improve performance and mitigate packet loss. You can apply manual, automatic, or scheduled scaling to your selected VPCs/VNets.

Manual scaling occurs when the metrics in your trigger conditions are met for a configured time period. A recommendation to scale up (increase the gateway size or add gateway instances) or scale down (decrease the gateway size or remove gateway instances) is then generated that you can choose to apply. With manual scaling you can scale a VPC/VNet up and down one time.

When the instance size changes, it changes for all gateways in that VPC/VNet.

Automatic scaling occurs when the (combination of) metrics are outside the ideal operating range for a set time period, and a gateway scaling event has not occurred in the duration specified by the cool-down period. Gateways in the selected VPCs/VNets are added or removed automatically.

Scheduled scaling (adding and removing a gateway instance) occurs during a configured time period. You should only select this option if you can regularly predict traffic and resource consumption within regularly scheduled hours.

VPCs/VNets cannot have both automatic and scheduled scaling applied.

Each VPC/VNet can only scale one gateway at a time. Multiple VPC/VNets can scale gateways at the same time.

You can only scale down gateways created with auto or scheduled scaling. Gateways created using different methods, such as Terraform or CoPilot, cannot be removed via this scaling feature.

Before You Begin

  • For gateway scaling features, the user account you have designated as your CoPilot service account must have a minimum of all_write permissions.

  • (optional) Configure at least one email address or webhook in CoPilot under Monitor > Notifications > Recipients. This email address or webhook is where recommendations are sent when a manual scaling policy is triggered.

  • The Aviatrix Controller must be upgraded to version 7.0 to support the creation of new instances using gateway scaling.

  • Any AWS/Azure Spoke gateways that you want to use in gateway scaling cannot have HPE, BGP, NAT, DNAT, SNAT, FQDN gateways, or Site2Cloud enabled.

  • Remember that not all regions support all gateway (instance) sizes. Before adding or removing gateway instances (manual scaling), you should determine what increased or decreased instance size best suits the requirements of your network infrastructure.

  • (automatic scaling) Make note of your base (starting) number of gateways. Gateways will not be scaled down if the base (starting) number of gateways has already been reached.