Viewing Telemetry Data for Managed Resources

Aviatrix Gateways are virtual routers that make up the fabric of your Aviatrix transit network. You can monitor the metrics of the virtual machines (instances) on which your gateways run to see if they are operating with good performance. You can do the same for your Controller and CoPilot.

Working with Performance

This section describes the Performance feature of Aviatrix CoPilot.

You access Performance in CoPilot > Monitor > Performance or by typing Performance in the navigation search.

In Performance, CoPilot displays the resource utilization (telemetry) data for all managed resources (your Aviatrix Controller and gateways) across your Aviatrix transit network (multicloud and single cloud). You can filter telemetry data based on one or more resources (hosts) located in any cloud. When choosing multiple resources, CoPilot displays the telemetry data for those resources in a comparative graph.

You can also filter based on time period (last 15, 30, 60 minutes; last 24 hours, last seven days, or show a Live View).

The telemetry data CoPilot displays for managed resources includes:

  • Free memory (Memory available)

  • CPU utilization

  • Disk free

  • Rx (received) rate of the interface

  • Tx (transmitted) rate of the interface

  • Rx Tx rate combined of the interfaces

The system and network metrics on which CoPilot reports telemetry data are the same as those used for triggering notifications. For descriptions of the metrics, see Metrics Monitored for Aviatrix Resources.

You can click Save or Save As after selecting your telemetry filters (metrics and gateways) to save that particular view. The saved views are then available from a second drop-down on the Performance page.

After selecting a saved view, you can:

  • Clear it and select another saved view

  • Select new metrics/gateways and create or save another view