CoPilot Licensing and Add-On Feature Management

Application administrators use the CoPilot Home > Settings > Configuration > License page to view details about the licensing and features associated with their CoPilot and manage the enablement and disablement of CoPilot add-on features.

Add-on Features

The list of Aviatrix add-on features available. Add-on features require the correct Aviatrix license:

  • In AWS, the Aviatrix Cloud Network License Service.

  • In Azure, GCP, and OCI, the Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform 2208-Universal 24x7 Support subscription offer license.

After you subscribe to this offer in the cloud marketplace, you can enable as many add-on features as you would like (you only need to subscribe to the offer in the marketplace once).

To enable CoPilot add-on features, see:

Feature Previews

The list of features that are in a preview release category that are available in Aviatrix CoPilot. For a description of preview release categories, see Aviatrix CoPilot Release Notes.


License details of the Controller associated with this CoPilot: Controller license ID number, issue date, expiration date, allocation (the number used by controller instances), and total (the total number of controller instances that can use the license).

Prior to CoPilot release 3.0.1, CoPilot required its own license (customer ID). CoPilot now uses the Controller license (a separate CoPilot license is no longer used).