CoPilot Index Data Backup and Restore

This section discusses how to back up the data in CoPilot data indexes (AWS and Azure).

For information about backing up core configuration data for the CoPilot, see Back Up Your CoPilot Configuration.

Back Up Your CoPilot Index Data

To enable automated back up your CoPilot index data:

  1. In CoPilot > Settings > Maintenance > Back Up & Restore > Back Up, the Back Up CoPilot Data options pertain to the CoPilot data that is stored in the Aviatrix Controller backup S3 bucket if you have created an S3 backup for your controller.

  2. Click Enable to enable the automated backup schedule of your CoPilot Index data.

  3. On the open window, choose the frequency and time as well as the maximum number of backups that you want to retain.

  4. Click Setup.

The folder in the S3 bucket that pertains to CoPilot data can be backed up regularly using this option and restored if needed. The data is the data for CoPilot indexes. If you have more than one CoPilot associated with your controller, the S3 bucket will have a folder that pertains to the CoPilot data for each CoPilot instance. See details about the AWS Encrypted Backups and Azure Encrypted Backups.

You can also back up your CoPilot index data at anytime before the scheduled time:

  1. Click Backup Now to start the CoPilot index data backup.

Modify the Automated Backup Schedule for CoPilot

It is recommended to do backups of your CoPilot index data at least once per week. By default, the CoPilot index data gets backed up daily. You can change the automated backup schedule for CoPilot:

  1. Click the Modify icon and then click the Edit Configuration button on drop-down selection to specify the frequency for creating backups and the maximum number of backups you want to retain before CoPilot will delete the oldest one.

Restore Your CoPilot Index Data

  • Go to the Restore CoPilot Data tile

  • Choose the backup you want to restore (based on backup name or UUID) and perform the backup.

  • Click Restore.

Schedule your restore for a maintenance window as it is not recommended to make changes to CoPilot data using the CoPilot UI during the restore process.