NetFlow Integration

Aviatrix gateways can forward NetFlow data to your designated service point.

NetFlow version 5 and 9 are supported on gateways.

For basic information about NetFlow, see

Enable NetFlow on Aviatrix Gateways

To enable NetFlow on your Aviatrix gateways:

  1. In Aviatrix Controller, go to Controller > Settings > Logging page.

  2. In the NetFlow Agent section, input the IP address and the port number of the destination NetFlow service.

    If you want to analyze flow data by using the Aviatrix CoPilot FlowIQ feature, you input the IP address of the main CoPilot server instance and port number 31283.

  3. Click Enable.

  4. (Optional) To use the NetFlow L7 mode Preview feature, select L7 mode. See NetFlow L7 Mode.

NetFlow L7 Mode

NetFlow L7 Mode enables the NetFlow agent on spoke gateways to forward L7 data that are in the flows to your designated NetFlow service point. L7 Mode is a Preview feature.

When L7 mode is enabled, Internet traffic that traverses spoke gateways is analyzed for flows that generate L7 data. When these flows are detected, the L7 fields are forwarded to the designated NetFlow service point.

Enabling L7 mode may impact traffic throughput for the spoke gateways. After enabling L7 mode, monitor your gateway CPU and throughput telemetry statistics in CoPilot and scale your gateways up if needed.

If you use Aviatrix CoPilot as your NetFlow service point, you can view L7 data by going to the CoPilot > Monitor > FlowIQ page, clicking on the Application view, and then opening the Records page.

Note that some flows do not generate L7 data.