Back Up and Restore Your Controller


The Aviatrix Controller is not in the data path, as packet processing and encryption is done by the Aviatrix gateways.

When the Controller is down or out of service, your network will continue to be operational and encrypted tunnels and OpenVPN® users stay connected and are not affected. Since most of the data logs are forwarded from the gateways directly, the loss of log information from the Controller is minimal. The only impact is that you cannot build new tunnels or add new OpenVPN® users.

This loosely coupled relationship between the Controller and gateways reduces the impact of the availability of the Controller and simplifies your infrastructure. Since the Controller stores configuration data, it should be periodically backed up to the appropriate AWS/Azure/Google account. If a replacement Controller is launched, you can restore the configuration data from your backup.

Before stopping your existing Controller:

  • Delete your Controller HA configuration to avoid complications..

  • Go to CoPilot UI > Settings > Configuration> General > Associated Aviatrix Controller, click Reset Association to reset the IP address of your newly launched Controller in CoPilot. If you fail to do so, you may be locked out of your CoPilot after restoring your backup.

Back Up and Restore Your Controller on Controller UI

You can perform the Aviatrix Controller backup and restore directly from the Controller UI. See Back up and Restore Your Controller on Controller UI for more details.

Back Up and Restore Your Controller on CoPilot UI (for CoPilot version 3.14 and later)

Starting from CoPilot version 3.14, you have the option to back up and restore your Aviatrix Controller directly from the CoPilot UI.