Upgrade HA Gateways in An ActiveMesh Topology

Upgrading HA Gateways in an ActiveMesh Topology

Gateway traffic is briefly affected and there is a drop in throughput when you perform a gateway image upgrade, and when a gateway software upgrade is rolled back. If Aviatrix ActiveMesh mode is enabled and only one gateway in an ActiveMesh pair is selected for upgrade, the system gracefully drains the traffic away from one of the gateways so it can be replaced. If both gateways in an ActiveMesh pair are selected, the gateways are replaced simultaneously without any additional safeguards.

  • If the gateway has BGP peers, the BGP process is shut down and the protocol reconverges to elect alternatives routes.

  • The tunnel interfaces are shut down. The Controller recalculates alternatives routes and distributes them to the gateways within the Aviatrix network.

  • If the selected gateway is a spoke, the Controller modifies the underlay cloud routing table of the selected gateway that was acting as the next hop for the default route or RFC1918 routes. The HA peer is selected as the next hop.