Single-Version Upgrade for Controller and Gateways

A single-version Controller and Gateway upgrade refers to:

  • Upgrading from the current version to the latest release version within the current release.

  • Upgrading from the current release (e.g., version N) to a higher release (N+1 release).

Before you upgrade your Controller and Gateways, it is highly recommended to check the General Controller and Gateways Upgrade Guidance.

  • Before proceeding with the upgrade in the production environment, perform the upgrade in a testing environment.

  • It is important to upgrade the Controller first, ensuring it is at the desired release version.

  • Once the Controller is successfully upgraded, proceed to upgrade the Gateways.

This section instructs you on how to perform a single-version Controller and Gateway upgrade.

To perform a single-version Controller and gateway upgrade:

For multi-version Controller and Gateway upgrade, see Multiple-Version Upgrade for Controller and Gateways.

For upgrading Controller and Gateways for the latest Aviatrix supported images, see Upgrade your Controller and Gateways to the Latest Aviatrix Supported Images (AWS Only)