Azure Account Credential Setup


Aviatrix Controller uses Azure APIs extensively to launch Aviatrix gateways and configure features.

In order to use Azure API, you need to first create an Aviatrix Access Account on the Aviatrix Controller. This access account corresponds to a valid Azure subscription with API credentials. You need to create an access account for each subscription.

This document describes, for a given subscription, how to set up your Azure account credentials and onboard this Azure account to your Aviatrix Controller. Then, your Aviatrix Controller can execute APIs on that subscription.

API and Permission Setup

Setting up Azure permission for Aviatrix involves the following steps.

  1. Registering Aviatrix Controller Application with Azure Active Directory.

  2. Assigning a role to the Aviatrix Controller Application.

  3. Creating a Secret Identifier or Application Key.

  4. Setting API Permissions for the Aviatrix Controller Application.

  5. Onboarding Your Azure Access Account in the Aviatrix Controller.

As you complete the first four steps, find and save these four values: your Azure Subscription ID, Directory ID, Application ID, and Application Key value (from your Client secret) to complete the last step, onboarding your Azure Access Account in the Aviatrix Controller.