Aviatrix Support Ticket Submission & Priority Guidelines


Please refer to our Official Support SLA for more information.

Aviatrix customers may create a support ticket via


Aviatrix recommends using the email option listed above to contact support detailing the issue. Please use the support hotline if this is a network impacting situation.
For Platinum support subscription that covers 7x24x365, please reach out to sales@aviatrix.com.

Ticket Priority Guidelines

  • Priority 1: Production system down (Email subject should include “P1” keyword)

  • Priority 2: System working, degraded functionality (Email subject should include “P2” keyword)

  • Priority 3: General questions, requests, comments (Default priority if not specified)


    When a Priority 1 ticket is submitted by a customer with Aviatrix Platinum support subscription, our support personnel will be paged and the ticket submitter will be contacted at our earliest availability within an hour (see Official Support SLA).

Detailed Description

Priority 1 (Critical business impact)

  • Definition: Priority 1 selection indicates that customer is unable to use the software application, resulting in a critical impact on business operations. This condition requires immediate resolution.
  • Key Deliverables – Priority 1 service involves reacting to the customer’s emergency situation by immediately providing an appropriate resource. Unless another agreement is in place, Priority 1 issues will be serviced on a continual effort basis until the Priority 1 condition has been resolved. Resolution of Priority 1 conditions may include temporary relief, enabling the customer’s business to operate until a more comprehensive solution is provided.

NOTE: A critical situation does not automatically imply Priority 1. The problem’s associated business impact determines the priority.

Priority 2 (Limited business impact)

  • Definition – This indicates the Aviatrix software is usable, but that some features (not critical to operations) are unavailable.

  • Priority 2 Conditions

    Issue affects customer’s ability to meet near–term deadlines Component returning error or not responding Degraded performance is negatively impacting business operations Acceptable workaround may exist Issue is specific to one or a few users.

  • Key Deliverables – Priority 2 issues are important for the customer and the customer’s services and will be serviced as such. These issues will be worked during normal business hours, until the Priority 2 condition has been resolved.

Priority 3 (Minimal business impact)

  • Definition – This indicates the problem does not significantly impact operations, or that a reasonable workaround has been implemented.

  • Priority 3 Conditions

    General question such as “how–to” or syntax questions Issue with little or no impact Documentation issues Issue is essentially resolved but remains open for customer confirmation. Intermittent wait status with little or no customer interaction required

  • Key Deliverables – Priority 3 issues will be serviced as general issues during normal business hours until the Priority 3 condition has been resolved.