Transit Solution

How can I get all my Spoke VPC’s to be interconnected or behave like a full mesh network?

Explore “Connected Mode” if you want all spoke VPC’s to talk to each other. Preqrequisites: all spokes need to be similar (either have/not have HA) and all of them must be on HA or non-HA connections when connected mode is being turned on. You can enable it by going to “Controller UI > Transit Network > Advanced Config > Edit Transit > Pick the transit Gateway > Connected Transit = Enable”

How much IP address space do I need in my VPC to launch a transit solution?

Please make sure that you have at least four /28 subnets worth of address space in the VPC before you launch the transit solution

For TGW based transit solution to support Hybrid connection, the transit VPC needs to have a spare /26 CIDR space.. Aviatrix Transit GW uses the spare space to create 4 subnets in the next step.

How do I troubleshoot Spoke to On-prem connection issues?

Here are some Troubleshooting guidelines

It is recommended that all spokes have HA pairs. When a switchover occurs to transit HA, only spokes with HA will remain connected, the non-HA spokes will lose connectivity and be black-holed.