Transit Gateway Peering

Transit Gateway Peering connects two or more Aviatrix Transit Gateways in a partial or full mesh manner, as shown in the diagram below. The Aviatrix Transit Gateways may be deployed in AWS or Azure, each Transit GW connects a group of Spoke VPC/VNets. As a result of Transit Gateway Peering, two groups of Spoke VPCs can communicate with each other via the Transit Gateways.


The instructions are as follows.

1. Launch two Aviatrix Transit Gateways

If you have not done so, follow the instructions in here to launch an Aviatrix Transit GW.

Repeat to launch more Transit GWs.

Starting from Release 4.3, InsaneMode is supported on Transit Gateway Peering. Enable Transit Gateway Peering InsaneMode by launching the gateway with InsaneMode.


The Aviatrix Transit GWs are typically launched during the workflow of TGW Orchestrator, Transit Network or Transit DMZ. If the transit cluster does not need to connect to on-prem, skip the step 3 that connects to VGW/CloudN/External Device.

2. Establish Transit GW Peering

Go to Transit Network -> Transit Peering -> Add New.

Select the one of each Transit Gateways and click OK.