TGW Orchestrator Build

At Build stage, you attach VPCs to a TGW and security domain. Each VPC can only be attached to one security domain.

TGW Orchestrator Build workflow is a one step instruction to attach VPC to AWS TGW and security domain.

For background information, refer to TGW Orchestrator FAQ.

1. Attach VPC to TGW

Setting Value
Region Select a region where TGW resides.
VPC Account An Aviatrix account that corresponds to an IAM role or account in AWS.
VPC Name Select a VPC in the VPC Account.
TGW Account Select an access account where TGW resides.
TGW Name The name of the TGW in the TGW Account.
Security Domain Name Select from a drop down menu domain. Note when Aviatrix_Edge_Domain is selected, you are asked to select an Aviatrix Transit GW created in the Plan stage Step 3.

2. Detach VPC from TGW

This step detaches a VPC from a TGW and Domain.