Steps to check the version of SumoLogic Collectors on the Sumologic Servers(UI) and also Upgrade/Downgrade the version of the Collectors from the WebUI of Sumologic Servers

1: Login to the Sumologic server
  1. On the left pane Click on manage Data and then Collection
  2. You will be displayed the Controllers/gateways you are running


2.Click -> Show ->Running Collectors
Note: Upgrade wont work if your Controller/Gateway is not running.


  1. On the top right there is an option to upgrade all the Collectors. It will upgrade the collectors on all the Gateways and Controllers running.


  2. If you want to know the version running on the individual collectors follow the below steps:
    1. Click on the individual Collector (either gateway or Controller).
    2. You will be displayed the Version number running on individual Collector.


  3. To change the version or upgrade the version only on one particular Collector click on change version as shown below and then upgrade/downgrade to the version as per your requirement.