Aviatrix Gateway to Meraki vMX100


This document describes how to create an IPsec tunnel between an Aviatrix Gateway and a Meraki vMX100 using Aviatrix Site2Cloud.

The network setup is as following:

VPC1 (with Aviatrix Gateway)


VPC1 Public Subnet:

VPC2 (with Meraki vMX100)


VPC2 Public Subnet:

Add a Site2Cloud tunnel in Aviatrix Controller

  1. Log in to your Aviatrix Controller.
  2. Select the Site2Cloud navigation item on the left navigation bar.
  3. Click on + Add New near the top of the Site2Cloud tab.
  4. Under Add a New Connection, enter the following:
Field Expected Value
VPC ID / VNet Name Select the VPC where this tunnel will terminate in the cloud.
Connection Type Unmapped unless there is an overlapping CIDR block.
Connection Name Name this connection. This connection represents the connectivity to the edge device.
Remote Gateway Type Generic
Tunnel Type UDP
Algorithms Unchecked
Encryption over ExpressRoute/ DirectConnect Unchecked
Enable HA Unchecked
Primary Cloud Gateway Select the Gateway where the tunnel will terminate in this VPC.
Remote Gateway IP Address Public IP of the Meraki vMX100.
Pre-shared Key Optional. Enter the pre-shared key for this connection. If nothing is entered one will be generated for you.
Remote Subnet Enter the VPC2 CIDR representing the network behind the Meraki vMX100 that this tunnel supports.
Local Subnet The VPC1 Subnet block that should be advertised on Meraki vMX100 for the cloud network (will default to the VPC CIDR block).
  1. Click OK
  2. Click on this newly created Site2Cloud connection and select vendor “Aviatrix” to Download Configuration so that you can copy and paste the pre-shared key into the Meraki configuration later.

Configuring Site-to-site VPN in Meraki vMX100

  1. Login to your Meraki dashboard.

  2. In the Security appliance menu, select Site-to-site VPN under the Configure section.


  3. Configure your Meraki vMX100 and add a peer according to the screenshot below.


  4. Click on Custom in the IPsec Policies to create a custom policy that matches the Aviatrix Site2Cloud configuration that was previously downloaded.


  5. Click Update to save the Custom policy.

  6. Remember to click on Save Changes.

  7. Go to AWS console and update the VPC2 (Meraki vMX100 instance) route table to make sure traffic destined to VPC1 (Aviatrix gateway) is pointed to the vMX100 eni.


  8. At the AWS console, please allow UDP port 500 and 4500 from the public ip of Aviatrix gateway in the vMX100’s security group. For testing purposes, you may want to allow ICMP traffic from its local network as well.


  1. In the Security appliance menu, click on VPN Status under Monitor section.


  2. Send traffic from the Meraki vMX100 VPC2 internal network to Aviatrix gateway VPC1. Verify that the VPN Status is green under the Non-Meraki peer tab.


  3. Log in to the Aviatrix Controller UI and browse to the Site2Cloud page to confirm that the connection is UP.