Periodic Ping

In very rare cases Site2cloud tunnels may fail to pass traffic if the tunnel is dormant for a long period of time. This is not an issue with the Aviatrix Gateways and can usually be traced to misconfigurations on the remote device. To compensate for this Periodic Ping was developed to maintain a steady flow of traffic across the tunnel.

For more information on troubleshooting Site2Cloud issues please refer to these links:

Controller Path

Controller > Gateway > select gateway > Periodic Ping


Option Description
Interval The interval the ping is sent in seconds
IP Address The destination IP of a device on the remote end of the tunnel

Set the desired values (ie, Interval 3 & IP Address and then click “Enable.” The Gateway will now ping the remote device in intervals of seconds. The ping will originate from the Gateway’s local IP.

Additional Notes

  • If Periodic Ping is enabled on a Transit Gateway with BGP, “Advertise Transit VPC Network CIDR(s)” must be enabled for the ping to traverse the site2cloud tunnel - - Controller > Transit Network > Advance Config > Edit Transit > select gateway > Advertise Transit VPC Network CIDR(s) > Enable
  • This feature is available in software version 5.3 and above