IPmotion Dependency Discovery

Dependency discovery can be set up on Splunk to see all the dependencies after migrating your applications to cloud.

Setup instructions

  1. Enable packet logging on all gateways for which you want to see dependency discovery. See instructions to enable packet logging.
  2. Install and set up the Aviatrix Splunk app using instructions mentioned here.
  3. Install another app named Sankey Diagram - Custom Visualization, which will be used to visualise Dependency discovery. To install this app, log in to the Splunk server. Go to Apps-> Find More Apps. Search for Sankey Diagram in the search bar and install the app named Sankey Diagram - Custom Visualization
  4. Now go to the Aviatrix Splunk and click on the Dependency discovery dashboard to see dependencies across apps.
  5. This dashboard lets you see network flow to/from servers across the network. It allows you to also filter on gateway, Source, Destination and Port.