Image Release Notes

**Next Controller image is scheduled for Novemeber 2021**

**Next Gateway image is scheduled for November 2021**

Gateway Images: hvm-cloudx-aws- 022021, hvm-cloudx-aliyun-122520 (5/10/2021)

  • R6.4.2499 Software Version is required
  • Support new IPSec encryption mechanism
  • Update security patches to date
  • Introduced the gateway in AWS China and Ali Cloud
  • Fix and pass vulnerabilities scan to Feb/2021

Controller Images: AWS AMI – 050120 (8/17/2020)

  • R6.1.1280 Software Version is required
  • Update Linux kernel and packages versions
  • Remove packages no longer used by the product
  • Set X-XSS-Protection and X-Content-Type-Options by default
  • Fix all vulnerabilities up to Jun/2020 (mid ref: 15727)

Gateway Images: hvm-cloudx-aws-102320 (11/10/2020)

  • R6.2.1837 Software Version is required
  • New image fetch mechanism
  • Update security patches to date
  • Linux Kernel update and package upgrade
  • New network drivers
  • Fix and pass vulnerabilities scan to Sep/2020 (mid ref: 18262)


Aviatrix multi-cloud networking platform is delivered via two images, a Controller image and a gateway image, both should be maintained with the latest version for managing security and support for the product. Aviatrix intends to publish 2 new images per year.

New Customer Installation Procedures

  • Customer launches the Aviatrix Controller image instance in the AWS, Azure, or respective cloud marketplace.
  • Customer launches new gateways from the Controller. The Controller will automatically pull the latest compatible Gateway version.

Existing Customers - Controller Image upgrade (Migration)

  • Customer is responsible for migrate their existing Controller to the latest image. See image list below.

  • To implement the latest Controller image, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to your Controller management console
    2. Go to Settings > Maintenance > Software Upgrade. Make sure you are on the right software version for the migration. If not, upgrade your software version.
    3. Go to Settings > Maintenance > Backup & Restore. Make sure you have a backup of your current settings.
    4. Go to Settings > Maintenance > Migration. Migrate your controller to the latest image.


Note: Migrating your Controller does not impact your network data plane. Your existing Gateways should continue operating during migration.

Existing Customers- Gateway Image upgrade

  • To implement the latest Gateway image, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to your Controller management console
    2. Go to Troubleshoot > Diagnostics > Gateway -> Gateway Replace. Select each Gateway and click Replace. (More info on Gateway Replace operation)