FIPS 140-2 Module

Aviatrix supports the FIPS 140-2 crypto module.

The Aviatrix Certificate number is #3475 which you can find from the NIST site.

The Aviatrix FIPS 140-2 Security Policy can be found at this link.

Before enabling FIPS 140-2, the FIPS 140-2 Security patch needs to be applied ,

To apply FIPS patch go to the Controller Console, Settings -> Maintainence -> Security Patches -> Click FIPS 140-2

To enable, go to the Controller Console, Settings -> Advanced -> FIPS 140-2. Click Enable.

When it is enabled, the Controller and all gateways will be installed with the FIPS 140-2 module. OpenVPN services will be restarted and this will cause your VPN clients to disconnect and reconnect to the gateways.