Aviatrix CoPilot Release Notes

This section describes new features and enhancements for Aviatrix CoPilot software releases.

For information about Aviatrix CoPilot image releases, see Aviatrix CoPilot Image Release Notes.

CoPilot Release 1.5.1 (1/12/2022)

  • (Performance) Performance Charts now have cross hairs that are synced across all visible charts for easy correlation between metrics.
  • (Topology) Run VPC/VNET/VCN diagnostics and submit them to Aviatrix Support from Topology. From Topology, click on any VPC/VNET/VCN in a topology map, and then click DIAG in the node properties pane.
  • (Notifications>Configure) Use new input box to type in a value (instead of using the slider) for configuring notification thresholds.
  • Performance improvements.

If you deploy Aviatrix CoPilot image version 1.5.1 from the marketplace, the following disk volume and auto-scaling features are now available:

  • New disk (volume) support — You can now allocate data disks (volumes) to your Aviatrix CoPilot deployment to be used for expandable storage. During instance creation in the marketplace, you can attach a data disk (data volume) to be used for CoPilot storage. When you deploy the instance, the initial setup process will automatically detect the disk/volume you attached during instance creation and format and attach your disks (a logical disk/volume is created from all physical disks). As your storage needs increase later (after deploying), you can also add more disks (volumes) as needed. See CoPilot Disk (Volume) Management for more information.
  • Auto-scaling memory support — CoPilot now supports automatic memory sizing for the ETL and datastore based on the physical memory of the instance at boot. New base images will default to these automatic settings, but existing deployments will keep their current configuration unless updated. Memory settings are still located under Settings > Configuration > Options.

CoPilot Release 1.5.0 (1/12/2022)

  • ThreatIQ map in dashboard — The CoPilot Dashboard now includes the ThreatIQ map showing any threats over the last 24 hours.

  • New gateway diagnostic features

    You can now perform the following diagnostic tasks for Aviatrix gateways (from Topology, click on any gateway in a topology map, and then click DIAG in the node properties pane):

    • (TRACEPATH tab) Discover the MTU on the path (if router supports it).
    • (TRACELOG tab) Upload a gateway’s tracelog directly to Aviatrix Support. The controller and gateway tracelog is uploaded and the support team notified.
    • (SERVICE ACTIONS tab) Check the status of gateway services and restart services.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

Release (12/28/2021)

  • UI improvements.
    • You can now open Aviatrix Controller from CoPilot. From the CoPilot dashboard, click the Apps icon in the action bar, and then select Controller. The controller opens in a new browser tab.
    • Improvements were made to the ThreatIQ dashboard.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Bug fix Minor bug fixes.

Release 1.4.9

  • New: Inventory Reports You can now create customized, detailed reports for all or specific inventory (resources managed by Aviatrix Controller) running across your multi-cloud network. To create a custom report, you answer questions that guide you to include only the information you want in the report. Each time you specify your criteria, the PDF report view updates in real time in an adjacent pane. You first specify the cloud provider(s) to include information about a single cloud or multiple clouds. You then specify the regions you have resources in that you want to include. You can further specify the VPCs/VNETs/VCNs in the region(s) and drill down further to specify the resource types (for example, gateways and instances). You can save and download the report. Currently, you cannot save a report filter.
  • Enhancement (ThreatGuard) Now only users logged in to CoPilot who have Admin/Firewall Admin permissions can enable/disable ThreatGuard blocking.
  • Enhancement (ThreatGuard) Selective Threat Blocking. You can now be selective about which VPCs/VNets/VCNs block threat IPs when ThreatGuard blocking is enabled. By default, all VPCs/VNets/VCNs block when ThreatGuard blocking is enabled. You can then use the Allow/Deny List to specify which ones will not block.
  • Enhancement (Topology) Support for filtering on your own tags you created in the CSP (supported for tags added to gateways only at this time, not instances).
  • Enhancement (Egress) For Egress, CoPilot now shows Rule and Action when a request hits a rule.
  • Enhancement Performance improvements.
  • Bug fix Minor bug fixes.

Release 1.4.8

  • New: ThreatGuard You can now block and get alerted on the threats detected in your network. A dashboard to configure and view ThreatGuard in action.
  • Enhancement Improved alerts.
  • Enhancement More metrics. All of Performance V2 metrics are now supported for receiving alerts.
  • Enhancement Ability to pick and choose one/more/all hosts and one/more/all of interfaces to receive telemetry and node status alerts.
  • Enhancement Support for filtering domains and hosts in Network Segmentation graphs.
  • Enhancement Faster Cloud Routes pages and faster Notifications page.
  • Enhancement Performance improvements.
  • Bug fix Minor bug fixes.


  • Bug fix Fixes to latencies in Topology.


  • Enhancement Improvements to GW, Tunnel, S2C alerts.
  • Enhancement Performance improvements in backend tasks.
  • Enhancement Configurable settings for Network Segmentation charts.
  • Bug fix Fix in V2 Telemetry alerts.


  • Bug fix Fixes to Legend in Network Segmentation Page.
  • Revert ETL migration for Customers with older than 6.4 Controllers
  • Bug fix Minor improvements to Performance V2 Charts.


  • Bug fix Minor bug fixes in Performance Monitor V2.

Release 1.4.7

  • New: ThreatIQ Real time identification of threats in ThreatIQ.
  • Enhancement Performance V2. Many more metrics to monitor performance of hosts, interfaces and tunnels. In the Performance Page, click on Switch to V2.
  • Enhancement Latencies for Site 2 Cloud links.
  • Enhancement You can now filter topology data by node type.
  • Enhancement Improved Cloud Routes Search and show only the routes with longest prefix.
  • Enhancement Upgraded AppIQ with V2 performance metrics.
  • Enhancement Performance improvements.
  • Bug fix Minor bug fixes.


  • Bug fix Fixes to SSO login.


  • Enhancement Improvements to individual alerts per host.
  • Enhancement In Dashboard, added a chart for instances per region.
  • Bug fix Fixes to topology replay.
  • Bug fix Fixes to topology saved layouts.


  • Enhancement Improvements to individual alerts per host.
  • Enhancement In Dashboard, added a chart for instances per region.
  • Bug fix Fixes to topology replay.
  • Bug fix Fixes to topology saved layouts.


  • Bug fix Fix to the offline upgrade process.

Release 1.4.1

  • Bug fix Fix in Webhooks test button.

Release 1.4.6

  • Enhancement You can now receive individual alert notifications for each host.
  • Enhancement AppIQ now works across all clouds.
  • Enhancement In Topology, you can show and hide latencies.
  • Bug fix Fixes for Dashboard Charts.
  • Bug fix Fixes for Security Charts.


  • Enhancement In Dashboard, new chart for Instances Per Cloud.
  • Bug fix Fixes for Gateways Active Sessions and Interfaces.
  • Bug fix Fixes for Security Charts.


  • Enhancement Security updates.
  • Bug fix Webhook templates bug fix.


  • Bug fixes Minor bug fixes in Dashboard pie charts and VPC Routes.

Release 1.4.5

  • Enhancement Support for offline upgrade and offline installation of CoPilot.
  • Enhancement Support for templates in Webhooks.
  • Enhancement Support for Alibaba Cloud.
  • Settings -> Index Management Support for searching and filtering indices.
  • Bug fixes Minor bug fixes.

Release 1.4.4

  • Bug fix Performance Fixes for Dashboard - Overview and Traffic Pages load faster.
  • Bug fix Security fixes
  • Improvement Topology loads better
  • Enhancement Latencies can now be refreshed at user specified intervals
  • Enhancement Topology Replay - loads much faster for bigger changes


  • Bug fix Security fixes

Release 1.4.3

  • Dashboard -> Traffic page Detailed metrics on data sent and received in the last hour and day for instances, regions, GWs and VPCs/VNETs/VCNs. Also shows the trend and detailed traffic chart for each cloud construct. Ties into FlowIQ for deeper visibility.
  • Security -> Audit End to end audit on every API call (with response status, user who made the call, arguments for the call), aggregated hourly, daily, monthly and fully searchable, filterable and sortable.
  • Search for titles/notes in the topology replay timeline across timestamps Replay now ties into Audit so that you know who made the infrastructure change(s) and when it was (they were) made.
  • SSO Configure CoPilot in the Controller UI and login into CoPilot from the Controller directly without having to enter the credentials.
  • Cloud Routes and BGP section now scale to work with Controller 6.4 API changes, backward compatible with pre-6.4 APIs.
  • Cloud Routes Search Search, filter and highlight across routes/GWs for anything you see on the page (name, routes, cloud provider, status, tunnels). Search for IP in Subnet also highlights which CIDR the IP is part of.
  • Look and feel improvements for Settings Pages and Notifications page.
  • Bug fix Good number of UX enhancements and bug fixes.


  • A patch update to the release 1.4.2
  • Improvement in scalability and security. Support 100k+ changes in topology diff and more than 250k tunnels in the cloud routes section (which is about 40MB of tunnels data rendered in less than 5 secs). We also made improvements to our middleware to secure CoPilot. We now logout the user immediately from accessing copilot data, if the user gets deleted from the Controller.

Release 1.4.2

  • Scale Scaled the cloud routes section to handle any number of routes, so for GWs with 10ks of routes is blazing fast. The Latency charts are scaled too to handle 1000s of charts each for one topology edge.
  • Search You can even search and highlight across 1000s of routes across GWs.
  • Bug fix We fixed our disk cleanup logic that periodically frees up space in the copilot instance for a user specified threshold percentage of free disk.
  • Bug fix We fixed some bugs in topology replay, talking of which, you can now hide/show highlited nodes to clear the clutter while viewing changed nodes.
  • Enhancement When you receive a ‘closed’ alert (email or webhook) it also contains what hosts were previously affected, so customers can use third party tools (like OpsGenie) to parse for fields of their interest.
  • Improvement Minor UX improvements

Release 1.4.1

  • Bug Fixes
  • Scale Large environment support in Latency Monitor and in Replay.
  • Topology Replay Ability to now add notes and a tag to a change in replay.


  • Enhancement Enhanced Topology Replay to add zoom and move to preview timeline
  • Enhancement Throttle Latency Calls to reduce Controller cpu usage (for large scale env), removed duplicate latency calls for edges
  • Bug fix Topology Transit View - Single node clusters for VPC, Fix for Spokes with Peering Connections, Connect S2C to regions
  • Bug fix Dashboard not showing OCI in Geo Map
  • Bug fix Segments not showing up randomly on Domain Segmentation. Truncate long labels and add tooltip

Release 1.4.0

  • CoPilot Theme New Dark Mode The moon icon in the CoPilot header can be toggled to switch between light mode and dark mode.
  • Topology Replay Full view of what’s changed in your infrastructure. Instantly see any change (for ex: GWs go up/down, tunnels flap, peerings added) to your topology at any timestamp and manage your changesets.
  • Multi Cloud Network Segmentation Now in Security tab, Logical view -> you can visualize which spoke (or Site2Cloud instance) can reach which other spokes based on the security domains they are part of. In the physical view -> you can visualize the spokes (or S2C instances) grouped by the transit gateways and their reachability based on the security domains they are attached to.
  • Transit View for Topology Topology Revamped. Clear the clutter and visualize multi-cloud topology with just the Aviatrix transits connected to regions. Double click to open/close VPC/VNET clusters.
  • Improved FlowIQ Filters Use “not equal to” in a filter rule to specify negation. Group filter rules using “NOT” to specify negation of all the filter rules together.
  • Interface Stats Use the Diag button in topology to view interface statistics for a gateway


  • Bug fix Fixes to saved filter groups in FlowIQ
  • Bug fix Fixes to pie charts in FlowIQ Trends
  • Bug fix Fixes to top navigation header to always show it
  • Enhancement Better error checking for dashboard APIs
  • Enhancement Changes to slider step while defining alerts for Rx, Tx and RxTx metrics

Release 1.3.2

  • Enhanced FlowIQ Filters Now filter FlowIQ results by performing complex queries by doing logical ANDs and ORs between different filters. Filter groups can now be searched and selected in FlowIQ
  • Alerts Now get alerted when a Site2Cloud tunnel or BGP connection status changes
  • Enhanced Diagnosis in Topology Test connectivity from a selected gateway to a host IP
  • Session Visibility Active Sessions for a selected Gateway
  • Enhanced Index Management and Data Retention policies Now you can better control how long you want to retain data for each of FlowIQ, Performance, FlowIQ, latencies.
  • Multi-Cloud AppIQ Support AppIQ supports all clouds (FlightPath may not work across all clouds)
  • Performance Monitoring A much cleaner legend for performance monitoring charts
  • Topology Enhancement New Truncate/expand labels in topology


  • Bug fix to flight path in AppIQ report
  • Enhancement Change Cluster Labels in Topology to VPC Labels
  • Enhancement Gov Cloud icons show up in Topology


  • Bug fix Fixes to latency tracker

Release 1.3.1

  • Enhancement Receive email and webhook alerts when a Gateway or Tunnel is down
  • Latencies View historical latencies and perform search to filter latencies of interest
  • Enhancement Cleaner topology with truncated labels and latency numbers align along edges
  • Enhancement Cleaner topology in AppIQ
  • Enhancement Filter table columns in GW Routes and VPC Routes

Release 1.3.0

  • Security Egress FQDN Dashboard, search and live monitoring
  • Alerts Webhooks integration for alerts - Use Webhooks to alert on telemetry data


  • Bug fix A fix to AppIQ inconsistency in topology instances


  • Enhancements Compressed the AppIQ report file size for easier download
  • Bug fix in BGP routes and AppIQ charts

Release 1.2.1

  • AppIQ generates a comprehensive report of control plane connectivity between any two cloud endpoints connected with Aviatrix Transit Network which includes link status, latency, bandwidth, traffic, and performance monitoring data.

    appIQ_1 appIQ_2 appIQ_3

  • BGP Info shows detailed BGP connections information with routes, map and status inside Cloud Routes

    bgp_1 bgp_2 bgp_3

  • Continuous Latency Monitoring allows to see the continuous historical latencies data on Topology in Multi-Cloud environment between Transit and Spoke.

    latency_1 latency_2

  • Performance Improvements for Cloud Routes and Scheduled Tasks that run behind the scenes.


  • Topology Enhancement Search and Filter capability and Customize Topology Layout options
  • Site2Cloud shows detailed S2C connections information with routes and status inside Cloud Routes
  • Notification allows to pause alerts and delete old alert notifications
  • Operational Enhancements auto delete flowIQ and Perfmon indexes to save disk space


Version requires users to enter valid credentials for the Controller that CoPilot will store as a Service Account. This Service Account is needed so CoPilot can process and send alerts based on configured thresholds. This Service Account can be a read-only account the user created on the controller. This dialog will only show one time when no service account has been configured. The Service Account can be changed in Settings .


  • Notifications Ability to configure and receive alerts when CPU Utilization, Free Disk, Free Memory, Rx, Tx, Rx Tx of any host exceeds a user specified threshold Add email addresses of recipients in settings -> notifications to receive alerts Monitor and manage the lifecycle of alerts from the time they first triggered to the time they are resolved in the notifications page
  • CloudRoutes Multi cloud GW Routes and VPC/VNET Routes with search functionality
  • Topology Cluster Latency Click on connections between 2 clusters and start latency monitor for all connections between clusters
  • FlowIQ Support for CSV export in records page Added support for filtering of instances using tags Now showing Flow Throughput and Flow Duration data in the records page
  • Bug Fixes Few Bug fixes and performance improvements to load topology and instances faster

Release 1.1.9

  • Security Updates

Release 1.1.8

  • Topology Clustering
  • Enhancements to Perf Mon charts with time period support
  • Saving of Filter Groups in Flow IQ


  • Topology Highlight
  • Performance Monitoring Charts with multiple hosts
  • && and || support for FlowIQ Filters


  • Tagging functionality extended, Tag Manager in Settings Pages, Latency Charts, Filtering in Flow IQ improved


  • Added support for tagging in Topology
  • Added support for custom SSL certificate import


  • Addressed the issue with license key validation

Release 1.1.4 (GA)

  • Enabled license management
  • Added support for multi-select
  • Added ability to delete indexes
  • Added storage auto-delete threshold configuration
  • Added diagnostics (ping/traceroute) to topology