Aviatrix CoPilot Release Notes


  • Enhancement Enhanced Topology Replay to add zoom and move to preview timeline
  • Enhancement Throttle Latency Calls to reduce controller cpu usage (for large scale env), removed duplicate latency calls for edges
  • Bug fix Topology Transit View - Single node clusters for VPC, Fix for Spokes with Peering Connections, Connect S2C to regions
  • Bug fix Dashboard not showing OCI in Geo Map
  • Bug fix Segments not showing up randomly on Domain Segmentation. Truncate long labels and add tooltip

Release 1.4.0

  • Copilot Theme New Dark Mode The moon icon in the Copilot header can be toggled to switch between light mode and dark mode.
  • Topology Replay Full view of what’s changed in your infrastructure. Instantly see any change (for ex: GWs go up/down, tunnels flap, peerings added) to your topology at any timestamp and manage your changesets.
  • Multi Cloud Network Segmentation Now in Security tab, Logical view -> you can visualize which spoke (or Site2Cloud instance) can reach which other spokes based on the security domains they are part of. In the physical view -> you can visualize the spokes (or S2C instances) grouped by the transit gateways and their reachability based on the security domains they are attached to.
  • Transit View for Topology Topology Revamped. Clear the clutter and visualize multi-cloud topology with just the Aviatrix transits connected to regions. Double click to open/close VPC/VNET clusters.
  • Improved FlowIQ Filters Use “not equal to” in a filter rule to specify negation. Group filter rules using “NOT” to specify negation of all the filter rules together.
  • Interface Stats Use the Diag button in topology to view interface statistics for a gateway


  • Bug fix Fixes to saved filter groups in FlowIQ
  • Bug fix Fixes to pie charts in FlowIQ Trends
  • Bug fix Fixes to top navigation header to always show it
  • Enhancement Better error checking for dashboard APIs
  • Enhancement Changes to slider step while defining alerts for Rx, Tx and RxTx metrics

Release 1.3.2

  • Enhanced FlowIQ Filters Now filter FlowIQ results by performing complex queries by doing logical ANDs and ORs between different filters. Filter groups can now be searched and selected in FlowIQ
  • Alerts Now get alerted when a Site2Cloud tunnel or BGP connection status changes
  • Enhanced Diagnosis in Topology Test connectivity from a selected gateway to a host IP
  • Session Visibility Active Sessions for a selected Gateway
  • Enhanced Index Management and Data Retention policies Now you can better control how long you want to retain data for each of FlowIQ, Performance, FlowIQ, latencies.
  • Multi-Cloud AppIQ Support AppIQ supports all clouds (FlightPath may not work across all clouds)
  • Performance Monitoring A much cleaner legend for performance monitoring charts
  • Topology Enhancement New Truncate/expand labels in topology


  • Bug fix to flight path in AppIQ report
  • Enhancement Change Cluster Labels in Topology to VPC Labels
  • Enhancement Gov Cloud icons show up in Topology


  • Bug fix Fixes to latency tracker

Release 1.3.1

  • Enhancement Receive email and webhook alerts when a Gateway or Tunnel is down
  • Latencies View historical latencies and perform search to filter latencies of interest
  • Enhancement Cleaner topology with truncated labels and latency numbers align along edges
  • Enhancement Cleaner topology in AppIQ
  • Enhancement Filter table columns in GW Routes and VPC Routes

Release 1.3.0

  • Security Egress FQDN Dashboard, search and live monitoring
  • Alerts Webhooks integration for alerts - Use Webhooks to alert on telemetry data


  • Bug fix A fix to AppIQ inconsistency in topology instances


  • Enhancements Compressed the AppIQ report file size for easier download
  • Bug fix in BGP routes and AppIQ charts

Release 1.2.1

  • AppIQ generates a comprehensive report of control plane connectivity between any two cloud endpoints connected with Aviatrix Transit Network which includes link status, latency, bandwidth, traffic, and performance monitoring data.

    appIQ_1 appIQ_2 appIQ_3

  • BGP Info shows detailed BGP connections information with routes, map and status inside Cloud Routes

    bgp_1 bgp_2 bgp_3

  • Continuous Latency Monitoring allows to see the continuous historical latencies data on Topology in Multi-Cloud environment between Transit and Spoke.

    latency_1 latency_2

  • Performance Improvements for Cloud Routes and Scheduled Tasks that run behind the scenes.


  • Topology Enhancement Search and Filter capability and Customize Topology Layout options
  • Site2Cloud shows detailed S2C connections information with routes and status inside Cloud Routes
  • Notification allows to pause alerts and delete old alert notifications
  • Operational Enhancements auto delete flowIQ and Perfmon indexes to save disk space


Version requires users to enter valid credentials for the controller that Copilot will store as a Service Account. This Service Account is needed so Copilot can process and send alerts based on configured thresholds. This Service Account can be a read-only account the user created on the controller. This dialog will only show one time when no service account has been configured. The Service Account can be changed in Settings .


  • Notifications Ability to configure and receive alerts when CPU Utilization, Free Disk, Free Memory, Rx, Tx, Rx Tx of any host exceeds a user specified threshold Add email addresses of recipients in settings -> notifications to receive alerts Monitor and manage the lifecycle of alerts from the time they first triggered to the time they are resolved in the notifications page
  • CloudRoutes Multi cloud GW Routes and VPC/VNET Routes with search functionality
  • Topology Cluster Latency Click on connections between 2 clusters and start latency monitor for all connections between clusters
  • FlowIQ Support for CSV export in records page Added support for filtering of instances using tags Now showing Flow Throughput and Flow Duration data in the records page
  • Bug Fixes Few Bug fixes and performance improvements to load topology and instances faster

Release 1.1.9

  • Security Updates

Release 1.1.8

  • Topology Clustering
  • Enhancements to Perf Mon charts with time period support
  • Saving of Filter Groups in Flow IQ


  • Topology Highlight
  • Performance Monitoring Charts with multiple hosts
  • && and || support for FlowIQ Filters


  • Tagging functionality extended, Tag Manager in Settings Pages, Latency Charts, Filtering in Flow IQ improved


  • Added support for tagging in Topology
  • Added support for custom SSL certificate import


  • Addressed the issue with license key validation

Release 1.1.4 (GA)

  • Enabled license management
  • Added support for multi-select
  • Added ability to delete indexes
  • Added storage auto-delete threshold configuration
  • Added diagnostics (ping/traceroute) to topology