Aviatrix CoPilot FAQs

What is the default login for CoPilot?

Today CoPilot authenticates against aviatrix controller’s list of local users.

Are the traffic flow records coming from controller or gateways?

The flows are sent from the Aviatrix gateways directly to CoPilot’s instance.

How do ThreatGuard firewall policies interact with existing/new firewall policies applied to the same gateways?

The ThreatGuard drop policies are in addition to the existing firewall policies applied to the same gateways.

What protocol does CoPilot use to talk to its controller?


How long does it take for data to start showing in FlowIQ?

It may take ~5 Minutes for flow data to appear in the UI

How are updates handled? Can I configure it?

Updates are downloaded and applied automatically. The update process runs every 60 Mins. In order to stop updates, you can stop updates service under the services tab

Can I configure flows to be sent over private IPs?

CoPilot does not set up a private overlay between the gateways and itself. If a private communication path between the gateways and CoPilot is available, then you can use CoPilot’s private IP when you input the collector IP in the controller. For example, if you have an Aviatrix transit gateway, and you put CoPilot in one of the spokes, then you can use CoPilot’s private IP as the destination.

Does CoPilot hold any user or sensitive data?

CoPilot does not hold any user-identifiable or payment processing information. As of this release, it also does not hold any credentials on the appliance’s storage. However, it is a recommended to ensure all security best practices are followed.

Can I Encrypt Volumes for CoPilot ?

In AWS, you can use EBS encryption should this be a requirement. To encrypt the disk for CoPilot, you will need to ensure encryption option is checked during launch of the VM. If this is not done at time of launch, you will then have to create a snapshot and recreate a new instance from that snapshot with encryption option checked.

How does CoPilot get its data?

1.Controller APIs

CoPilot dials into controller to retrieve information from CoPilot.

2.Flow records

Aviatrix Gateways generate and export information about network traffic. Flows come directly from Gateways to CoPilot.

If Controller IP changes and if copilot is associated with an old controller IP, how to login into Copilot?

If you are logged in to copilot go to Copilot UI -> Settings and click on the ‘Reset controller IP’ button. It will prompt you to enter the new Controller IP address and service account credentials.

If you are logged out of Copilot, please open a support ticket at Aviatrix Support Portal for a solution.

Is FlowIQ showing realtime traffic?

Flow records are generated by the Gateways. The agent on the Gateways observes and keeps track of the flows and as soon as a particular flow ends, or if the flow expiry interval is reached, the flow record is sent to CoPilot.

How long is the data retained ?

This will depend on the nature of traffic and volume. The answer to this question will vary depending on different environment.

Can the data retention be adjusted ?

Today you can set a threshold based on disk space available, so that you can remove the old records.

Can we turn topology tunnels Red/Green based on tunnel status ?

The tunnels are responsive to the state of the link.

Why do I get an error Failed to fetch Topology when I open the Topology page?

If you get the error Failed to fetch Topology data when opening the Topology page, CoPilot was unable to access the data it needs for topology. If the issue persists, Contact Aviatrix Support.

How I can get my additional questions answered ?

Visit Aviatrix.com and use the live chat icon to talk to a live expert.