How to Troubleshoot Azure RM Gateway Launch Failure

Before you launch an Aviatrix gateway in Azure RM, you must first subscribe to the Aviatrix Companion Gateway in Azure marketplace.

To check if you have done so, following these steps.
  1. Login in to Azure Portal.
  2. Click More Services.
  3. Click Subscriptions.
  4. Click the subscription you wish to launch Aviatrix gateway.
  5. Under Settings, click Programmatic deployment.
  6. You should see aviatrix companion gateway is in “Enable” status.
  7. If aviatrix companion gateway is in Disable state, click to enable.
  8. If you do not see aviatrix companion gateway at all, follow this instruction

When Aviatrix Controller fail to launch a gateway, there is a toaster error message on the Controller console. If this message does not help you understand the root cause, take the following steps to further troubleshoot.

1. Disable Rollback Function

Typically when a gateway launch fails, the Controller rolls back all resources including the ones allocated from Azure. In this case, you want to disable the rollback function. Go to Troubleshoot -> Diagnostics -> KEEP GATEWAY ON ERROR. Enable it to make it True. Note this rollback only applies to the next gateway launch. Each time when you need to disable the rollback of gateway creation, you need to turn on this option.

2. Launch the Gateway and Observe Failure

From Controller console, launch gateway again and observe the failure.

3. Check on Azure Portal Activity Log

  1. Login in to Azure Portal.
  2. Click More Services.
  3. Click Resource Groups.
  4. Click the resource group created by Aviatrix Controller. The resource group should have a prefix “av-”. Click Activity Log.
  5. Click the error message in red color.
  6. The specific error message should have a Summary tab and a JSON tab.
  7. Click the JSON tab to examine the detailed error message, as shown below:


4. Get Help from Aviatrix Support

If you still cannot figure out, email to to get help.