High Performance Encryption with InsaneMode

If your enterprise security policy requires encryption for data in motion, Aviatrix InsaneMode encryption provides the best and most efficient single instance encryption performance.

InsaneMode Benefits

  • 30Gbps IPSEC Using a single instance from C5 series to the latest C5n series, single instance IPSEC performance reaches up to 30Gbps.
  • Private Link InsaneMode connectivity is supported over AWS Peering and AWS Direct Connect.
  • Stateful Firewall Aviatrix gateways support stateful firewall for additional security policies, event and packet logging.
  • Unlimited Routes Aviatrix gateways have no limit to how many on-prem routes or VPC routes they can have.
  • Advanced NAT Advanced NAT function for any packet transforming before and after routing function.

InsaneMode Deployment Diagram