Emails and Alert Configuration

The Aviatrix Controller sends alert emails for events such as:

  • Tunnel status change
  • Gateway status change

By default, the alert email is sent to the admin of the Controller. The email can be an individual email address or an email alias of a team.

By default, the source email address is

How to change alert email configuration

If you would like the alert messages to be sent to a different email,

go to Settings -> Controller -> STATUS CHANGE EVENT EMAIL,
fill in a new email address and click Save.


How to change source of email notification

If you like to change the email source from to something else, for example, your own organization email,

go to Settings -> Controller -> CHANGE EMAIL NOTIFICATION SOURCE.
Enter a Test Email address if you like to test the configuration.
Click Save when done.
Optional: Steps to setup email inside AWS and use Amazon SMTP server.
Verify all email(s) to send and receive


Enter all parameters and specify your AWS SES login & password.