Account with Access Key

This document describes how to setup an Aviatrix access account by using an IAM user access key and secret id, instead of IAM roles.

This approach is applicable to AWS China as Aviatrix does not support IAM role yet.

Step 1. Create IAM Policy

Login to AWS console, click IAM, click Policies, click Create Policy, click JSON. Delete the example JSON text.

Copy and paste the Aviatrix AWS policy to create a new IAM policy, as shown below. Give policy a name, aviatrix-role-app.


Step 2. Create an IAM User

Login to AWS Console, click IAM, click Users, click Add user to create a new IAM user and allow programmable access, as shown below.


Step 3. Attach Policy to User

Next you need to attach the created policy to this IAM user, as shown below.


Step 4. Setup Access Key and Secret Access Key

Finally create an access key and secret key to be used by the Aviatrix access account for this IAM user.