Transit Connection to pfSense over the internet.

  1. From the Controller go to Transit Network -> Setup -> Launch a Transit VPC GW.


  2. Connect the transit VPC GW to the pfSense. Go to Transit Network -> Setup -> Connect to VGW/External Device. select External Device and input the following parameters.

    1. BGP Local AS number: ASN of the transit VPC GW
    2. BGP Remote AS number: ASN of the pfSense
    3. Remote Gateway IP Address: pfSense WAN Public IP.


  3. Download the configuration by going to Site2Cloud -> Click on the Connection. select generic and Download Configuration and configure on pfSense accordingly.

    image3 The following is a sample configuration based on the site2cloud configuration above.


4. Create an IPsec tunnel in pfSense

4.a Login to your pfSense dashboard. 4.b In the VPN menu, select IPsec. 4.c Click + Add P1 4.d Populate the fields according to your preferences. The important fields are (with extra emphasis on a few key fields):

General Information

Field Expected Value
Key exchange version IKEv1
Remote Gateway Enter the public IP address of the Aviatrix Transit gateway here.

Phase 1 Proposal

Field Expected Value
Authentication Method Mutual PSK
My identifier WAN port Public IP
Peer identifier IP address. Enter the private IP address of the remote Aviatrix Gateway
Pre-Shared Key Enter the PSK from the Site2Cloud configuration downloaded at step 3.

Phase 1 Proposal (Algorithms)

Field Expected Value
Encryption Algorithm AES - 256 bits
Hash Algorithm SHA1
DH Group 2 (1024 bit)

Advanced Options

Field Expected Value
Disable rekey Unchecked

image5 image6

4.e Click Save 4.d Add a Phase 2 entry and click on save.

image7 image8
4.f Click on Firewall -> Virtual IPs -> add.
4.g Click on status -> IPsec
Status is shown as Established.


5. BGP Configuration on pfSense:

5.a Click on System -> Package Manager
Check whether FRR package which is used for BGP configuration is avialable in installed packages or else install it by clicking on available packages and search for FRR


5.b Click on Services -> FRR BGP.



Click on Status -> FRR -> BGP to see the BGP routes.

  1. After configuration pfSense the tunnel should change the status from down to up. image14
  2. Go to Transit Network -> Advanced Config on the Controller and Click on Diagnostics and select the GW name from the dropdown list and select Show Ip bgp Command from the predefined Show list to verify the BGP Routes.