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Scale out remote user VPN Solution

No more bastion stations and jump hosts. Provide your employees with the ability to seamlessly access instances with private IP addresses by using our user VPN capability. To configure Cloud VPN:

  1. At Gateway menu, create a gateway with VPN access enabled.
  2. Repeat the above step for multiple gateways if ELB is enabled to create a scale out VPN solution.
  3. (Optional) At OpenVPN® -> Profiles, define VPN user profiles and access policies for each profile that will be dynamically enforced as user connects to the cloud at the network perimeter.
  4. At OpenVPN® -> VPN Users, add VPN users.
  5. For single VPC user vpn solution, check out this link.
  6. For a multi VPC user vpn solution, check out this reference design

Encrypted Peering

  1. At Gateway menu, create a gateway in an existing VPC/VNet.
  2. Repeat the step 1 for a different VPC/VNet.
  3. At Peering -> Encrypted Peering, click New Peering to peer the two gateways.
  4. For a complete end to end solution, check out this reference design.


If you have a global work force and would like to give your employees the best user experience in accessing the services in the cloud, Geo VPN is the right solution for you. Go to Open VPN -> Geo VPN to enable Geo VPN. Check out this reference design.

Developer’s Sandbox

If keeping your production environment secure while giving your developers an isolated environment to learn and experiment with new technologies is a challenge for you, Developer’s Sandbox may be a feature you want to explore.

AWS Global Transit Network

Follow these instructions to build an AWS Global Transit Network.

Site2Cloud Solution

If you need to connect to your partner or customer sites to a VPC/VNet but do not want to replace the edge routers or firewalls that is already deployed at these sites, check out our Site2Cloud reference design.


Under the Help menu, check out FAQs and additional implementation guides. Please open a support ticket at Aviatrix Support Portal to get immediate support.

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