There are several ways to troubleshoot and debug errors with Aviatrix.

Upload tracelog

On the controller console left side menu, click Troubleshoot, click Logs, select a gateway at Upload Tracelog. The controller and gateway tracelog will be uploaded to Aviatrix. The Aviatrix support team will be alerted. If no gateway is selected, only controller log is uploaded.

Run diagnostics on a gateway

Troubleshoot->Diagnostics->Gateway->Diagnostics, select a gateway to run diagnostics. Click run. When it finishes, click Show to display on the console. Click Submit to send the diagnostics result to Aviatrix support team.

The diagnostics test if the gateway is reachable and its services are up and running.

Debug peering tunnel status

Click Peering on the console. click Diag on each peer pair and run various tests.

Debug Site2Cloud tunnel status

Click Site2Cloud on the console. Click Diagnostics.

Debug gateway connectivity

To test if a gateway can reach certain IP or host, click Troubleshoot->Diagnostics->Network. At Network Connectivity Utility panel, select a gateway. Specify remote host name, port number. The TCP protocol test is reliable. Currently UDP test is not reliable.

Packet capture

Click Troubleshoot->Diagnostics->Network. At Packet Capture panel, select a gateway where you wish to do packet capture. You can further filter on Host and Port number. Click Start to start the capture, click Stop to stop the capture, then click Download to download the pcap file. You can also specifiy capture time. The pcap file can be viewed by Wireshark.

DNS Error

If you see DNS related error on the controller console, check your VPC/VNet DNS setting. It is possible that the controller or gateway does not have connectivity to the DNS server.

If your DNS server is located on-prem, make sure the VPC/VNet where controller is launched has connection to reach the private DNS server.