Onboarding and Account FAQs

Where do I start?

The first time when you login, complete Onboarding process. It takes a few steps.

If you have a BYOL license or use a community image, you need to have a customer ID provided by Aviatrix to be able to use the product. Contact support@aviatrix.com if you do not have a customer ID.

What is an Aviatrix Cloud Account?

An Aviatrix Cloud Account is specific and unique on the controller. It contains cloud credentials, for example, your AWS IAM Access Key ID and Secret Key. The controller uses these credential to launch Aviatrix gateways by using cloud APIs.

An Aviatrix Cloud Account can correspond to multiple cloud account. For example, it can contain credentials for an AWS IAM account, Azure account and GCloud account.

How do I upgrade software?

Click Settings -> Upgrade, select latest. This upgrades to the latest release of the controller software.

When a new release becomes available, an alert message appears on Dashboard. An email will also be sent to the admin of the controller.

Are there reference design examples?

Check out docs.aviatrix.com.

What is the support model?

For support, send email to support@aviatrix.com. We also offer premium customers with 24x7 support. To request a feature, click Make a wish button at the bottom of each page.