Inline Software Upgrade

Aviatrix software is released frequently every 6 - 8 weeks. When a new release becomes available, an alert email will be sent to the controller admin.

When upgrading a controller software, all gateways are upgraded with the new software at the same time. This is done by controller pushing new software to gateways directly and automatically.

How to upgrade software

At the controller dashboard, a !New alert icon appears when a new software becomes available, click the !New icon to upgrade. Select “UPGRADE TO THE LATEST” to upgrade.

Alternatively, go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Upgrade -> UPGRADE TO THE LATEST

Inline and hitless software upgrade

Aviatrix software upgrade happens inline without taking down the controller.

In addition, gateway upgrade is hitless, that is, all gateway encrypted tunnels stay up without going down. There is no packet loss when upgrading the software.

Upgrade impact on OpenVPN® users

Most upgrades do not impact connected OpenVPN® users. In some cases, OpenVPN® service needs to be restarted as part of software upgrade, for example, upgrade to a new SSL version for security patch. in these cases, connected OpenVPN® users will experience an disconnect. They will need to connect again.

When a release affects OpenVPN® users, the Release Note will make a note of it. Make sure you read Release Notes before making upgrade.

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