Advanced Config

BGP Config

Go to Advanced Config -> BGP

BGP Transit GW List

If you setup a Transit Network, Transit GWs will be listed under Settings -> Advanced Config -> BGP.

Select one Transit GW to view details.

  • Advertised Networks represents the list of Spoke GW CIDR list.
  • Learned routes represents the list of on-prem network propagated by VGW.
  • Local AS Num is the Transit GW AS number you specified at the time of Step 3 when connecting to VGW.

BGP Dampening

BGP dampening feature can be used to suppress flapping routes. It is disabled by default. Currently you cannot configure dampening parameters.

BGP Diagnostics

Aviatrix BGP is implemented by using Quagga.

To troubleshoot BGP problems, go to Advanced Config -> BGP -> Diagnostics.

You can either type in Quagga commands or use the calender box to select one of the many Quagga commands.