Aviatrix Companion Gateway

If you need to launch a gateway in Azure ARM, you must subscribe to Aviatrix Companion Gateway in Azure Marketplace. This model removes the requirement to download the Aviatrix gateway image into your Azure account which typically takes more than 30 minutes, thus greatly reduces the deployment time. The Aviatrix Companion Gateway in Azure marketplace is free of charge.

The following steps describe how to subscribe Aviatrix Companion Gateway in Azure marketplace.

Step 1: Select Aviatrix Companion Gateway

Go to Azure marketplace (https://azure.microsoft.com/enIus/marketplace/) , search “aviatrix”, select Aviatrix Companion gateway, as shown below:


Step 2: Deploy Programmatically

After you click Create Virtual Machine for Aviatrix Companion Gateway, select to deploy programmatically,

at the bottom of the page, as shown below:


Step 3: Enable subscription

In the next step, select Enable subscription, click Save, as shown below:


That’s it!

For support, send email to support@aviatrix.com